ADVICE on Beauty



When you are angry and having a fight, refrain from calling your spouse names of any kind. Shana P, married
No matter how bad the fight, how frustrated you are, look for something to be thankful for in your spouse. It will
help calm you and give you a second to clear your head. Jackson, married 24 years


Stick to photos of hair that resemble your own. If you have thick brown hair, try to find pictures that look similar.
This will help in getting the best desired look and allows us to easily recreate the hairstyle in the photo. 
Krystal Morant, Bridal Beauty Associates

Clean hair is no good. We recommend not washing your hair the night before, this allows your hair to hold a style all
day and night. If you tend to have greasy hair without a daily wash, don’t sweat it. Stylists can use a combination of
different products to make your hair look clean and fresh. 
Rosalyn Morris, Studio 10 Naperville

If you typically apply light make-up to your skin for a more natural look, don’t be alarmed when you’re in a full face
of beauty during your trial. Cameras tend to wash out make-up, so heavier application is necessary.
Angela Heitz, Angel Minaro

Bring products you currently use in your daily skincare routine for the consultation so we know where you are
starting from. This allows us to enhance your current investment and start correcting the skin imperfections you
want to make disappear. 
Pam Keveloh Center for Cosmetic and Laser Surgery


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