Couple advice on PHOTO & VIDEO



1. My husband didn’t want to book a videographer. I really wanted one, needless to say that was the first vendor booked. Now, we are now both happy we had one. Asya N. 4/25/15  

2. We frequently watch our wedding video and look at our wedding photos. It’s a good reminder of what brought us together and there really is something about that day that still puts smiles on our faces.     Precious G. 7/17/15.

3. I wish we choose another location to take more photos without the bridal party. Our wedding took place around the holidays, causing lots of traffic downtown and not giving us as much time as we wanted. Samantha E. 10/9/15

4. check what is included in your packages and what isn’t. I loved my photographer, but found out after booking that the album was not included in my package price. And without an album purchase, I couldn’t get the disk of images. Audrey K. 4/9/16

5. Have your photographer snap photographs of people dancing. I love looking at the ridiculous faces people are making. Katie L. 9/12/15


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