Delivery Time

Determination of the total delivery time
Before the items you ordered will be sent to you, the clothes have to be made individually. The products developed are subject to strict quality controls and are then carefully packed. Please note that the total delivery time is not the same as the tailoring time.

Total delivery time (total time) = Tailoring time + Shipping time (3-7 Working days)

The tailoring time is written on every product page. You can check them upon ordering. Do not forget to add the shipping time to get your estimated delivery time. Tailoring times vary depending on the season. The valid tailoring time is always the one written on the website at the date you order.

Delivery times may change depending on the seasons.
The valid delivery times are always those who see the product page at the size when you order the dress. Please look below for an example:

The delivery time depends on the delivery and performance of the shipping company (3-7 Working days, depending on the country).

Express Shipping
We ship al our orders in express with no extra charge (3-7 Working days, depending on the country).