A morning wedding with a brunch reception requires less formal attire than a late evening ceremony and formal sit-down dinner. The location and the time of day help determine what type of attire grooms and groomsmen should wear.

Keep in mind the style and formality of the bride and her attendants1 attire when choosing formalwear. An experienced formalwear shop can guide you through these choices. The basic elements of a grooms outfit may include a jacket, pants, shirt, bow tie, tie or ascot, cummerbund or vest, suspenders, pocket-handkerchief button studs and cufflinks, socks and shoes. Special shoes are often worn with tuxedos and can be found at formalwear shops for purchase or rental.

When visiting the formalwear shop, bring swatches of the bridesmaids gowns to coordinate the tuxes. It is best to get the groom and his men into the shop to be measured. If a groomsman is out of town, ask him to stop in a local formalwear shop to be measured, they are usually happy to perform the service.

Here are the different styles to choose from and when to wear.

WHITE TIE Black tailcoat, matching trousers with a strip of satin, shirt with front white vest, white bow tie, black patent shoes and socks, white pearl or other white studs and cufflinks.

BLACK TIE Black tuxedo jacket and matching trousers, formal white shirt, black bow tie, black cummerbund with matching tie, black shoes, studs and cuff links. For summer weddings, white dinner jacket, black trousers with the rest of the black tie attire the same.

CREATIVE BLACK TIE Tuxedo with unique black shirt or patterned bow tie with cummerbund.

FESTIVE ATTIRE Sport coat and trousers to match the season, open collar shirt.

SEMI FORMAL Business type suit in a dark color, conservative tie, leather dress shoes and dark socks.


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