Once upon a time, a couple met, fell in love, decided to marry… and then one person would plan the entire day. #notmuchfun!

Your wedding day isn’t just your significant other's big day, it belongs to both of you, so you should be able to contribute to the planning and help make all the necessary decisions. There are times when its best to simply agree and say, “Great idea!” Then there are times when its better to step up and ask, “How can I help?” See the difference? You can thank us later.

YOUR OPINION MATTERS Getting married is the first of many big decisions you will make together, so planning your wedding should be a team effort. Not to mention, you should want a final say in what you wear, how you style your hair, who your best man will be, where you hold the bachelor party, where you hold your ceremony and your reception, what you have to eat, what music you listen to, where you will go on your honeymoon, and everything else involved in your wedding. After all, you'll have to live with those choices, so you might as well like them!

WORKING TOGETHER The more you work together in the planning stages, the more you'll learn to work together as a pair, as a single unit, which is what marriage is all about. If one of you takes the lead, the other should be the understudy. Offer to run errands, attend the tasting with your caterer, mail deposits, write thank you notes, proof invitations, pick up sample bouquets, delegate responsibilities to the wedding party, and help out in any other way necessary. Think of it as practice for marriage: you want to be the best partner you can possibly be, so start with being the best fiance you can possibly be.

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