Memories in Motion



You will never be sorry you had a wedding video made, but you may be sorry you didn’t. We,re sure you’ve received this advice...and so have we, couples regretting their choice to not capture their day with moving pictures. Why? Because videos are living memories, transporting you back in time and place, allowing you the “feels” over and over again.
Wedding video has become wedding film, camera guys have become filmmakers and editors have become storytellers. So if budget allows, we highly recommend leaving the filming to the pros while keeping these considerations in mind.

Are you a fan of documentaries or more the Hollywood love story type? Most videographers specialize in wedding videos catering to individual tastes and transform couples into celebrities starring in their very own blockbusters. The latest options include tight-knit stories featuring pre-wedding interviews with the couple discussing how they met.
Another trend is the cinematic style, which includes slow wide zooms, pans, and close-ups to create a well-polished movie worthy of the silver screen. Multiple camera shoots provide more of a movie-like effect rather than one single, continuous camera angle. The newest digital recording capabilities capture quality images in the dimmest of settings and no longer require obstructive bright lights.
Do you want a short film or a feature edit? Your videographer can discuss with you 1-2 minute shorts, 10-15 minutes films or 45 minutes documentary. Ask how your video will be shared with you. Many offer both DVDs and on-line links.

Videographers have styles of their own. Some like to stay back and journalize the wedding experience, while others like to get in real close and create cinematic pieces of work that may not capture every moment of the wedding.
The best way to tell the difference is to watch their videos. If you like what you see, set up a time to meet in person. Your videographer will be interacting with you and your guest, so personality is important.
Before hiring a videographer, make sure he or she belongs to a professional video organization. These include the Wedding & Event Videographers Association International (WEVA) or the Illinois Videographers Association. In addition to being up to date on trends, they also can ensure backup should anything go wrong on the big day, such as a vehicle breakdown, illness or equipment malfunction.

When it comes to figuring video into the wedding budget, the good news is that digital technology is starting to make the service more affordable. Because many videographers shoot in HD, they work exclusively with digital tools allowing for faster editing, production, and delivery. This is cheaper than the old days of spending time cutting film.
Videography prices start at about $ 1,500. A professionally edited video shot with multiple camera angles starts at about $2,200. Often included in that price are copies of the DVD, as well as online sharing of the video. A top of the line, Hollywood-style video can cost as much as $5,000.
As for trying to cut corners on the wedding video, experts say it’s a definite "don't” Volunteering to edit the video yourself might save a few dollars, but it isn't worth sorting through all that footage. Unedited videos contain every "ah” "um” and mundane shot, sometimes taking up multiple DVDs.


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