Photobooth Truth



Are photo booths still a fun addition for your wedding? Heres our short answer, YES! Photo booths offer candid pictures of guests (including their personalities), provide a fantastic wedding favor and offer just good, old-fashioned fun.

Traditional photo booths are still in demand, and for 2017 weddings, open-air photo booths are a top trend. On the plus side, open-air photo booths allow a larger group of guests than traditionally fit into a closed booth. On the flip, some guest like the privacy of the curtain before they are willing to ham it up for the camera.

Many companies offer sharing to social media, slow motion video—pictures or gifs—and honestly, who doesn’t want to star in their own gif? Other upgrades include green screens, custom logo design, flip books or an ongoing slide show projected onto a big screen. Photo booths can be a great part of your wedding memories. Here are 6 tips for success:

1. PUT YOUR BOOTH close to the dance floor with enough room for guests to get in and out for maximum exposure.
2. HAVE A COOL BACKDROP. The better the backdrop, the more people want to be photographed in front of it. Striking prints, custom prints, a balloon wall, or floral/DIY arrangements.
3. HAVE AN ATTENDANT. The booth should be easy to operate but it is handy to have someone around in case anything goes wrong.
4. PROVIDE TWO COPIES, one for them and one for you. Supply a guest book for friends and family to place their photos and write messages.
5. SUPPLY A WHITE BOARD or chalk board so your guests can send you a message.
6. COLLECT PROPS. You can incorporate your wedding theme or include props that are connected to you and your significant other.

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