Photography is an important detail in the planning process, right up there with venue and gown. Before shopping, there are a few things to consider.


Does your vision for wedding photos include candid shots or an artistic edge? A variety of photographers exist who specifically cater to individual styles, from photojournalistic and documentary to traditional and posed. Check out photography books, websites and even friends and family members1 wedding albums to start getting ideas of what you like and don't like. Many times a combination of styles works well.
Another factor to remember isn't just how the photos will be shot, but who will be in them. For many couples, when family and friends come from far away they want photographic memories of all of them. Some wedding photos become even more priceless after certain loved ones pass away. If having dozens of pictures of your 101-year-old great grandmother is a must, make it a priority and be ready to stress that to whomever you hire.


Digital has become the optimum choice for most photographers, with fewer couples even bothering to ask, “Do you shoot film or to experiment more, control lighting and other crucial details and provide better coverage. And those artsy black and white shots, sepia tones or grainy images some used to think only film could provide? Today, those are easily attained with the click of a mouse to adjust the image. Digital images also allow a photographer to enhance chosen photos as well as remove any wedding day blemishes!


Because photographers now can shoot hundreds of images and load them onto a DVD, some are offering unedited photos at a cheaper rate as part of their packages. Some also offer the DVD if you purchase a certain size album package. Sorting through every shot to create an album or selecting the best photos for family and friends might seem daunting, but it also can be fun if time allows.


When deciding what style of photography you want, consider how you want to preserve your memories. If creating a coffee table book, you may choose a photojournalistic style of photography or even “stage” certain shots for the book. If creating a traditional album, you may place more importance on the traditional portrait shots. It's always best to start with the end in mind to achieve the best finished album.

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